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Thread: Explain Your Username (if you want to)

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    Explain Your Username (if you want to)

    Do you ever wonder why ThEoRy capitalizes every other letter? Or why Stefan has an old Roman cookery book in his name, Apicius?

    As for me, my name comes from a liquor store in Zamalek in Cairo, Egypt. There was a bottle shop with the name Mister Drinkies, which had one of those all-too-common English usage errors you find in foreign countries. I thought the name was funny and wanted to start a bar named Mr. Drinkies. That never happened, so for now my username is Mr. Drinky.

    "There's only one thing I hate more than lying…skim milk, which is water that's lying about being milk." -- Ron Swanson

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    high school AP English, many years ago. it just stuck.

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    My parents named me. Original, I know.


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    Its a rough pun involving food and anonymity. I got tired of user names wearing out when my interests and bands, and associations changed, and my name was taken, even when gmail was invite-only. I use it for everything. If there is a johndoughy on the internet, odds are good its me.

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    When I was a kid, 14 or 15, I signed up for a credit card offer and thought it was a bad idea to use my real name. For some reason the name I came up with was kalaeb kane. I have since just used the same username for pretty much everything....I was approved for the credit card.

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    When I was born I was the largest baby in the hospital. When the nurses brought me in to my mother they said, "Here comes Spike, and boy is he hungry!"
    The name stuck, and I have been Spike ever since.
    Spike C
    "The Buddha resides as comfortably in the circuits of a digital computer or the gears of a cycle transmission as he does at the top of a mountain."

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    My last name is Edgerton coming from old english meaning "edge of town". My family usually uses The Edge to name some of the things we make, and seemed like a good fit for a kitchen knife forum.

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    The in my opinion three best Bond actors, from least to most favourite.

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    Had to come up with a username for an online social forum years ago - this was way, way pre-Facebook and all that. Scratched my head, wondered what the hell was I gonna use. At about that time, I was occasionally playing a cheesy text-based RPG and had to choose a character type. I chose to be a cherub, not because they are typically depicted as cute, chubby kid angels but because they *are* angels but not the top ones. Seemed good to me, so I slapped an e in front because it's the electronic realm, and I've been using this as my username ever since and everywhere.

    Nobody seems to pronounce it right in-person, so I never use it to introduce myself to folks One guy in a totally different area of interest just ended up calling me "E Sharp". Nice guy, so I didn't mind at all

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    Sorry, double post.

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