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Thread: Best way to even out a blade.

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    One slip really shouldn't do that much damage to your knife. If it really did remove that much material, I still wouldn't try to fix it right away, as that will involve removing material around it to match, thereby reducing the lifespan of your knife. If you have significant damage (which doesn't seem likely if it was just a slip), the best thing to do would be to just sharpen normally (i.e., when the edge is dull and needs sharpening) until you've removed enough material to 'catch up' to the damaged area.

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    Yeah I've also been thinking about doing that. I'm thinking that it might even out after a few sessions but if not off to Dave it will go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UglyJoe View Post

    I was going to ask for the same thing.

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    I'll see if I can take a halfway decent one with the web cam that is built into my laptop. Stay tuned.

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    I know never used the thing yet so this should be [I]very[I] interesting.

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    I wouldn't try to alter the rest of the blade to match the heel area as you'll end up removing steel further up the blade profile into a slightly thicker area which will slightly decrease the cutting efficiency of the blade. Just resharpen the heel area to the proper angle and when sharpening the rest of the blade, use some wrist angle changes to blend the main blade edge portion to the heel area. Repeat this several times and you might not even notice any significant change in edge profile.

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