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Thread: Masamoto KS 270mm Gyuto

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    Mar 2011
    Hey, are you working at the Stock Farm? Talked with the chef at Flint Creek Ranch, when I was up there...that place is awesome and truly five star...

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    Senior Member/ Internet Hooligan
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    Mar 2011
    No sir, just a breakfast cook in a greasy spoon. Though we aren't five star, we do consistently win "Best Breakfast" in the annual region-wide competition, and are one of the busiest restaurants in the area.

    So that's something I guess.

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    Clayton, NC- surrounded by lots of trees
    I have a magnetic knife rack in my kitchen with only my nice knives. No one dare touch them anymore, as I had a camera installed. (only $50 to add to existing system) I can watch from my cell phone!
    The difference between try and triumph is a little "umph"! NO EXCUSES!!!!!!!

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    Norn Iron
    Just to sort of reaffirn what I said before, I sharpened and thinned my Hattori last night and it was performing magnificently in work today. I was really happy with it, I had went pretty much a whole day in work without needing to strop it or touch it up at all. So I was very upset when my colleague went to lift his cup of coffee and knocked it onto the floor and the edge is pretty much serrated now

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    That is an absolutely spectacular patina. Is there anything particular you did in developing it? I've read that cutting through beef helps with that electric blue, but what was the case with that knife?

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    Also a little bummed that I missed it, but glad that it went to who it did. Hey Will: sign me up for a Willamoto please!

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    herefordshire uk
    Got this today, hooray. Love it, Gona see how it likes my sigma 13k and chop some stuff on the morrow. Thanks Vertigo, i'm a happy lad.

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