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Thread: Christmas GIVEAWAY..

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    Christmas GIVEAWAY..

    Ok, The giveaway part may not be 100% accurate. The fee to enter is Christmas spirit.

    By siging up, you will be entered into a drawing for 1 of 3 gifts being offered. You get to choose between a Block or set of KILLER figured wood, Or one of our damascus key chains. You can enter as many times as you like. But limmited to one entry per person per day.. EVERYONE is welcome and encouraged to join.. Lets have some fun!

    I started a thread and its sorta died.. so Im posting this here in hopes some of you will see this and get in on the GIVEAWAY!

    Heres the deal All you have to to to enter is go to this thread. CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY Read the first post and join in..

    We sat here the other morning taking a trip down memory lane. GOOD TIMES!! But I wanted to share just a couple of them with you all!! Heres one of my memorable Christmas storys. And one of Randy Jr's..

    Randy Jr's memory: Quite a few years ago on Christmas morning, my sister and I woke up to a huge pile of presents under the tree, It was great we were getting everything we asked for and then some...except for the dreaded christmas sweaters and turtlenecks and other garbage parents insist on dressing their children with. But there was one more thing that I wanted more than anything else that year and as dad pulled out the final present I knew something went a rye...!!! Now you may be wondering what this awesome wish list present might have been and im about to tell you but you are going to have to be patient..........I know your on the edges of your seats but the moment has finally come... It was a BB gun! I know every young boy wants one but this was the year I was getting one. But back to the present it was only one small package so I knew it wasn't my new bb gun. I opened it with a pretend smile trying not to upset dad only to find bb's and no more presents!!!!! After seeing my devastation dad explained that it must have fallen out of the cart when he was shopping or was left behind at the store etc. Then Just about the time I was realizing there is always next year, my Uncle and cousins came over and can you guess what that jokster had in the pile of presents he brought over. The other half of my wish list present that year... a new bb gun And that is one of my many many fond memories of Christmas mornings. Especially now that I am old enough to appreciate the joke. IT wasn't so funny then

    See not that wasn't too hard!!

    Heres One of my memory's::
    When I was about 13 years old I came home from school It was 3 days B4 Christmas to find my front door open. As I got closer I realized the door was broken. As I walked into the house I quickly realized someone had broken into our home and took all the presents from under the Christmas tree, as well as a bunch of other things like my 4-10 bolt action shot gun that was a hand me down from my Grandpa. It was a hard pill to swallow. Everything was GONE!! My stereo, my records. Yea. records.. Im old! LOL My Bow and arrows and my guns as well as the Christmas presents were GONE!! Not to mention the other stuff from my Mom and Brother that was taken as well.

    That year I figured that there was not gonna be a Christmas.. My hopes were dashed. I went to bed on Christmas Eve Thinking This is gona be the WORST CHRISTMAS EVER!!!
    When I awoke, expecting to find next to nothing under the tree, I was surprised to see gifts under the tree! And many of them!

    My Mom somehow managed in the couple B4 Christmas to get a few gifts for that morning. Then a few friends and neighbors that came together after hearing about what happened. Dropped off a pile of gifts late Christmas eve... Turned out it was one of the BEST Christmas ever!!

    See, I did not believe in Santa Clause back then. I was too cool and just knew he was FAKE!! But Now after this I DO!!! I realized it that day.. and have seen it many, many time since... Santa's Real, and is alive and well to this day!!

    Merry Christmas.. And May God Bless each and every one of you this holiday season!
    Randy Haas Sr. and Jr.

    And what would this thread be without a couple pictures.. These are just examples of what you may win. not necessarily the prizes.

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    Ah. Now I get it. I didn't see the part about entering up to once a day, lol. Pretty cool story, btw! I'm in...again.

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    tk59, and anyone else looking at this thread.

    Please go to the original thread and post to enter. You are welcome to enter as many times as you want, But only once a day. Please share a memory of Christmas with us and that will be your entry for that day.. If ya just tpe Im in for today.. well. All your really gona be doing in mastering your typing skills Because it wont cont as a entry without sharing a little Christmas spirit.

    I just did this post to share a Christmas memory or 2 with you guys. Hoping to get the ball rolling on this forum a little more.

    Heres a link Christmas GIVEAWAY or look at my forum. you should be able to find it!


    Inspired by God, Forged by Fire, Tempered by Water, Grounded by Earth, Guided by the spirit.. Randy Haas

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