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Thread: How to bone out a deer in 8 minutes...

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    That was really cool. I've never deboned a whole animal other than small birds, so it was damn educational to watch. Gotta say it reminds me of my old biology and anatomy classes

    I really don't know the names of many of the cuts, but I do know the proper names of many of the muscles, so seeing the animal being taken apart lets me put 2 and 2 together. "So the f'n loin is the erector spinae!" At least it looks like it.

    But I just have one "concern" left at the end of the video - what about all the good intercostals, the meat in between the ribs? I hope that doesn't go to waste - it's good eatin' there too.

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    Hmm. Very informative vid...

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    The meat between the ribs on a deer isn't significant. You MIGHT get another pound or two but its got a lot of connective tissue in it. Its still fine for burger/sausage. But its a lot of work for not a lot of gain.

    The hams and the loin are where you get the prime cuts. The big muscle on the front side of the ham is the sirloin. The two big muscles off the rear are to top and bottom round. Also some trim meat in there. Once you clean those prime cuts up and remove the silver skin etc you have some prime venison. I usually butterfly them into 1" thick steaks. The loins I cut into 5 or 6 inch long pieces and grill them whole medium rare and slice thin. Its superb eating with just some olive oil, good coarse salt and cracked pepper.

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    Amazing amazing.
    that guy is done before a single fly gets a whiff.

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    Before I watched the video I thought the guy only had one hand and a hook for the other. Anyone recognise the knife? Looks pretty unremarkable to me. Hate it when you watch videos like this and the people are using pretty cheap knives, if they were using some crazy expensive one it would make you feel a bit better

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    Having processed maybe a 100 or so deer over the years, I was really impressed with how clean his bones were. Mine always seem to have a little meat still on them comparred to the video. I also take a lot longer to finish the job but then I only average 2 or 3 deer a year. Hard to get that good without practice.
    I'm guessing the knife was a Victorinox but it could have been any one of of a number of other meat packer brands.
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    From comments on Youtube: " forschner 40017".

    He is amazingly quick.

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    that's almost incredible. clearly A LOT of experience there.

    I'd love to have more experience with whole animal butchery, but being in a family of two, but with one vegetarian and a very small freezer, i don't see that happening anytime soon.

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