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Thread: Can someone help me find where to buy this yanagi in japan? Brand = 佐文 (sabun)

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    Can someone help me find where to buy this yanagi in japan? Brand = 佐文 (sabun)

    Ok, a while ago I posted a pic of a yanagi. Dr Naka replied with this
    Quote Originally Posted by DrNaka View Post
    It is 佐文 brand in Gin 3 steel.

    In Japan it is sold for 22400JPY if it is mirror finish.

    Now I want to buy this exact knife again to replace my friends. I followed the link but I cannot understand it. I have a friend in japan who will order it online for me, but doesn't know anything about knives so doesn't want to search for it. I just need someone to find the exact link to the type of knife I am looking for so that I can send it to him to complete the transaction.

    Looking for the stainless version in 300mm. Anybody able to help me out? Thanks so much.

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    I don't know if this will help but Google Translate says it's a Masao brand knife (if I'm reading this right)?

    This is the "translated" page for the link Dr. Naka provided:

    This is the link to the 300mm "Masao" knife via Google Translate:

    Free Shipping ● Product Name: willow blade knife [knife Masao] willow blade knife three silver mirror finish submitter SA sashimi knife [knife Masao] 30cm [single edged knife] Length (cm): the true colors of the traditional technique shines 30 ● knife. Shu is absolutely rust resistant steel edge replaced by the same process the material in a traditional Japanese knife. ● ※ Display size of the knife, we all Blade length and size. Catalog Store Code :3 Commercial ●-0183-0603

    Price: 39,900 yen (tax included)

    Your Special Price: 25,467 yen (tax included)
    Please verify this with someone else first. Sorry that I couldn't be of more help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mindbender View Post
    This is the link to the 300mm "Masao" knife via Google Translate:
    Off by one.

    (Note the '3' at the end of my link, the '2' at the end of yours.

    Just a thought Slowtyper. If your friend can't find this knife themselves, even with a good solid link like you gave here, I have to wonder whether they'll be able to handle the intricacies of international shipping with Japan Post. Finding that knife was, literally, two clicks. Once at the top for the size range, the next at the right steel/size.

    Good luck with it.


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