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Thread: Special Offer for KKF Members Only

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    Still Plays With Blocks
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    I had a question asked about the sizes I am offering, why are they different from the web site offerings?

    Every once in a while, a customer asks for an in-between size to fit their kitchen space so I try to keep some around for those requests. Also, when I make a larger board, sometimes an otherwise undetected defect shows up on an edge which makes it unsellable at that size. So I cut out the defect and make a smaller board. If the undetected defect is in the middle of the board, out it goes. Last, but not least, when I go to craft shows, the smaller boards seem to sell better and are easier to handle.

    Hope that may clear up the size questions.

    David - Formerly The BoardSMITH
    Now just retired and looking for work

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    You'll have a few orders from me this holiday season David (though probably not by Saturday). Just need to get some measurements, make sure I order the right sizes.

    I bought myself a maple Boos board many months ago now for myself, right about the time I got interested in sharpening (then knives, etc.). I read about your boards before it even arrived, and knew I had made a mistake. Since that day, it has resided (in plastic) under my bed. I plan to gift it to my sister for Christmas and get myself one of yours instead! I feel only slightly guilty about it, but the Boos should be a nice upgrade over her poly boards, even if it is not a Boardsmith.

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    Hmm... every Christmas my mom usually ends up spending lots of cash on things that I don't want or need, so maybe I can convince her to let me buy her present to me for her this year and she can pay me back later....
    - Erik

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    Love my BoardSMITH board, but my second was actually my first and is a large Boos (didn't know about BoardSMITH yet). Now if I could only get my knife block back I'd be all set.


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    *Sigh*. After dealing with Dave for my boards, I have found that I caught the dreaded disease "Boardsmithitis". The upshot is that I was compelled to buy 5 (count 'em) 5 boards as Christmas presents for friends and family. I wonder if there is any cure for it. I haven't found it yet and I sure hope not!

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