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Thread: Why do we continue to cook professionally?

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    I remember thinking "$2.00 for a PBR! What a deal!"

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    I used to pay 35 cents for a tap Rheingold at Wolf's Tavern in '79. You could get wrecked for 5 bucks and still have bus fare home.

    “Though I could not caution all, I still might warn a few; Don’t lend your hand to raise no flag atop no ship of fools.” Robert Hunter

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    Funny, I always took the bus. Ended up getting a ticket anyway. I passed out at the stop.

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    Because I love it.

    I can't imagine doing anything else in my life right now. Plus there is the added satisfaction of coming home exhausted after a crazy night and passing out. I was an insomniac when I worked 9-5. I can't imagine working the line until I'm 50 but I would love to continue in this industry long after my best line cook days are done.

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    I can be who I am working in the kitchen. It don't feel comfortable in other environments. My father was a chef as well, It's who I am. I work with the Smartest, most Talented, Accepting incredible people on this earth. People can think they know what you are doing better then you do because when you work with or cook for people who know their s**t it more then makes up for it. With all the frustration, Blood and Sweat, It's who we are.
    It's not the Answer it's the Experience

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    Quote Originally Posted by BertMor View Post
    I've given it up. I used and abused myself, seriously affected my health. Lived like a hermit except for my' working' family. It took me until I was 49 y.o. before I got married, and everyone was suspicious, whats wrong with a guy wo is 50 and never married. My Mom told me my Dad thought I was gay!

    I did it because the act of eating wonderful food thrilled my soul. I enjoyed the adrenaline high, I am a social misfit and there I barely fit in. I was good at it, I had an affinity for cooking.

    In the end, I burned out. I no longer can stand for 12 hours without my back freezing up. The stress might induce a heart attack. I have arteries like an 80 y.o. and they loaded me up with stents so I could walk more than a (short) block. I have chef's block - everything has been done and I can't think of something different to make my own. I draw a blank when I see Top chef like challenges.

    I dearly want to send in a tape to Top Chef, but my wife would kill me if I left her for 6 weeks. I used to dream about cooking now I have nightmares.

    I don't know anything else that makes me happy. I am sick and tired of the crap that goes on.

    I am Chef, have pity on me, and envy me!
    Man, thats some heart felt story telling...

    Quote Originally Posted by chefjbs View Post
    why is it that everyone thinks chef's make more than they do?? And hell, i don't even eat as good as i should. I'm making prime cuts of beef, the nicest game, and the freshest fish. But after the end of my shift you'll find me and a couple buddie eating disco fries and drinking beer. What a life.
    +1 I work two restaurants on the same block and after working the whole day around mouth watering brisket, escargot and frog legs, boar sausages and Coq Vin hens, I get off work, eat half a plate of fries with my whisky drink and go find a hole to crawl into. Im not sure why so many people on the line rarely eat, but it's kinda sad. All of my friends think I eat damn well and they're wrong because most days I just forget to eat a meal period. I don't want to eat the food Ive been cooking all day long. I don't know why. I already know what its gone taste like. Its flavor is infused in my brain.

    I love this experience. This cooking experience. Its weird, but I enjoy getting yelled at one day by a red faced chef because you were never taught to do something and you messed it up and by the next day doing that something 10 times better and quicker than what the chef told you to do. I enjoy watching the rise and fall of new cooks and dishwashers. I enjoy people making it past the FOH into the kitchen to say -thank you-, I enjoy the conversations and history that come out of recipes. I don't do this for the money even though the money that I make while doing it pays all of the bills, buys the toys, and sometimes even goes to the needy in my neighborhood. I enjoy the silent anticipation of the whole kitchen before a promotion/ firing of someone. I don't know why I have so much adrenaline, I don't do drugs anymore. Working in the kitchen on drugs sucked. I am a teacher, I am a provider and I am one mean looking, but super caring SOAB. I would not fit in "at the office", I can out perform the ladies in FOH, but I don't care much for that job and it's gonna take a lot more than that to make me shave my beard off. I am an entertainer, come to my party and Ill make sure you get taken care of and leave full and happy. Come to my restaurant and Ill make sure you'll get bang for your buck. Step into my life, my kitchen, my house with respect, and Ill return that to you sevenfold. I love art, this is my way of expressing myself. If it was gonna be all about the money, I'd go back to drug dealing, pimping, and stealing. Its about respect for myself and for my neighborhood. Its about having a clear conscience, a solid attitude, and about putting smiles on peoples faces. Kitchen work is a mental challenge, and the cool part about is you can go for that challenge at your own pace, and set that bar as high or as low as you want to. Setting it high and going at it like a rhino is my style, whats yours? Do you love what you do? If not, why are you in it? Legit hard work is good for the soul and is one of those things that will promote healthy, robust relationships in your life no matter what your job is. Nobody likes a slacker. Don't waste my time, I won't waste yours. Respect yourself. Stay sharp.

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