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Thread: UPS brought me more cool stuff!

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    The videos are amazing. That wood is just unreal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burl Source View Post
    The ones in the video sold today. They were cut wider at a special request by some of the guys who make fighters.
    But..... I have more from the same piece that are cut to kitchen knife sizes that I will post on the website this weekend.
    I loved the wider cuts, they would have made two blanks for me at the price of one But I have one block of koa I need to cut into, that may be nice enough.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Burl Source View Post
    I was starting to think the same thing about doing both.
    Here is an individual block positioned like I usually do for my web store.
    The 1st one (photo) looks more like it would in daylight setting. Colors are accurate.

    The 2nd one (scan) looks how it would if you hold it directly under a bright light.


    Did anyone claim the wood from pic 21 yet ? Id love to purchase it is just awesome



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