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Thread: CCK rehandle

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    Quote Originally Posted by TB_London View Post

    I hunted through every shop in London China Town to no avail
    For those seeking CCKs in London....

    SeeWoo sell CCKs of various sizes (they are about 35 pounds from memory) and also Leung Tim "Choppers", a good value, thin stainless slicing cleaver. They are downstairs in the shop.


    My local chinese supermarket in Oxford sold them too.

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    First of all, I like the handle. Great work. With that said, I have stared at it for too long on several occasions. I keep trying to figure out what the shape of the handle reminds me of. I keep going back to a human body part like an arm or calf. It looks very muscular -- in a good way. You've anthropomorphized a knife.


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