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Thread: You Got To See This One

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    The first time I saw his stuff I was confused.

    However when you strip away the gangster rap/bling slant you see that he is a devoted craftsman that is always completely positive about his products and the custom knife industry as a whole, he is innovative both with his products and his marketing approach. I believe that he promotes his products as well or better than any custom maker I can think of. Also the promotion is relentless and it has earned him nearly a half million views on youtube. It is not just him making the knives, but a small crew. He chose the ganster/ bling demographic to go after but in reality with his skill set I think he could be catering to any demographic he chose to focus on.

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    I saw several of those kitchen knives on his table at the USN show in Vegas the first day. Before I could return to take a closer look they were all sold. Not sure if the USN crowd could be considered "foodies" but they seemed to want his knives

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    Yeah, Mike is a bit unusual in his marketing methods to say the least, but they seem to be working quite well. At least his stuff is tongue in cheek and not outright BS like a number of folks that some of have seen in the tactical side of the game. By all accounts, he is a really good guy and his stuff is very well designed and made and some of those reviews even come from folks that you might consider to be traditional forged blade snobs. If he does get into the kitchen knife biz seriously, I would not be surprised to see an entirely separate and different marketing campaign from him, perhaps one where he speaks with a feigned Franch accent, designed to appeal to yuppie scum who have to much money and time on their hands and need stuff to decorate their barely used $12,000 pro-grade range.

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