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Thread: Copper Damascus? Carter?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ecchef View Post
    Sure...what the hell. I'll send you a surprise box!

    You'll recognize it; you did the rehandle. It's the most reactive thing I've ever seen. Never patinas, just rusts. Hoping coppering will alleviate that a bit.

    I'll throw in some of the other stuff we discussed as well for your consideration. That oughtta make your elbow hurt even worse!

    Cool - thanks Dave

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Martell View Post
    The Itou didn't take to the copper - it was a big let down.
    There is another option for adding copper, electro plating with low voltage and copper sulfate solution. Then carefully polish the copper off the high points of the pattern. Just dipping carbon steel into the copper sulfate solution will plate copper, but stainless steels and those with high nickel content won't plate without electrical current. Copper disolved in acid etchant acts much like copper sulfate solution but the copper sulfate won't further etch your blade or damage the handle materials.

    Copper is also anti-microbial.

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    love to see some other pictures of those knives that took the copper. Any pics anywhere?

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