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Thread: Some Damascus Paring Knives

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    Quote Originally Posted by zitangy View Post
    Generally, the ladies prefer 18cm. Men 21cm. We tend to be smaller and shorter and we do have small hands. Most women are uncomfortable with the 24cm . Petrified at the sight of 27cm knives!

    I dont see 21cm being offered by custom makers Majority of knives bought in the stores here are 18 and 21 cm. Isnt that the case in UK also??

    Yes that's definitely true. I've honestly never seen a 240 in a shop and if you look at tv chefs here, I've never seen them with a 240. It is usually an 18cm gyuto or a santoku or something like that, usually with grantons

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    I prefer a 240 myself, but I like to use the biggest tool possible at work. My wife likes to use the smallest knife possible. It might be a female brain/male brain thing. Ladies IME use an 8"/210mm for their all-rouder, men like a 10"/240. Pros need as many knives as they can possibly carry/justify.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WillC View Post
    David, you have a pm
    Many thanks
    Pesky, your wee parer is now on route.
    Man I am getting sl0oooow. congratulations to Pesky as to the new toy.

    Pmed my handle/neck specs.

    hv a nice week-end

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