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Thread: Mid-Tech?

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    PLEASE don't migrate that particular custom/handmade, etc argument over to this forum.
    Quote Originally Posted by David Metzger View Post
    I have always thought of "Customs" as per customer specs (with knifemaker input), Midtech as to knifemaker specs. You might just get a better knife in a "midtech" because it's what the knifemaker thinks is best in design and grind, steel and thickness, and RC Hardness. A custom you could specify changes in profile, thickness, grind, pins, wood, rc hardness, etc to the extent the maker wants to deal with your specs. Its kind of a silly distinction. I would prefer to just know if its to a knifemakers specs or a customers specs if for instance I was buying a used knife.

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    Custom— adj
    7. made to the specifications of an individual customer (often in the combinations custom-built , custom-made )
    8. specializing in goods so made
    Midtech is basically a limited run.

    I don't use either of these terms. "I made a knife for you" is good for me.

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