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Thread: Guess whats in the box ;)

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    Whats that finish called please ?

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    Really nice profile/ finish. It really reminds me of the mizuno I once had, though considerably thinner.

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    actually, these guys arent that thin at the spine (thin behind the edge though)

    Havent used one yet... not sure if i will have a chance with the list of people who are interested in picking one up

    and i would call the finish kasumi, but to make sure i got this one right, i spent time with the blacksmith and sharpener, showing them what i was looking for

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    Why don't you tell me how I'm supposed to feel comfortable pulling the trigger on a nice 210mm something when every other day you post a teaser about the next big thing "coming soon." Why don't you tell me that Jon. I'm unsubscribing from your newsletter!

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    NICE. Have you cut anything with them?

    Oops, my bad. Lag time... Are you gonna "keep one for the shop?"

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    havent figured that out yet... long list of people who want them... we'll see

    i will say that the sharpener is THE sharpener i have the most respect for in all of japan... and the blacksmith is up there too... some of the most talented people i've met

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    On a sidebar what are you expecting from JIN?

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    not so much as what i'm expecting in, but what i already have in (about 30 or so of his knives)... taking pictures is taking me some time... especially with all the other stuff that keeps coming in. I've had a bunch of jin knives in store for a couple of months now.

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    Uh oh, considering how much time I spend thinking about the gesshin hide honyaki this spells trouble haha. this might be a more realistic one for me
    Are the profiles pretty similar between the two?

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