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Thread: Perfect custom cheese knife - Challange to knife makers

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    Perfect custom cheese knife - Challange to knife makers

    One of the most common tasks for me is cheese slicing.

    I have tried all manner of super sharp knives and none of them seem much good at cheese slicing because the cheese just sticks to the blade. The normal cheese knife you see has some weird set of holes etc to stop cheese sticking, the other alternative is a cheese wire, thats not a good option because it takes up to much space.

    So I want to reinvent the cheese knife, what concepts can we come up with ?

    My initial thought's are a very rigid but sharp very shallow blade, almost like a rigid boning/filliet knife, another idea would be dest described as a cheese junior hacksaw to give a very thin shallow blade ridigity.

    Thoughts or ideas for discussion ?

    At the end of the day if we can come up with something uinique and effective I would like to commission the knife and try it for real.


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    Are we talking commercial blocks or residential? For commercial I use a wire.

    If its residential I like the one I use, great for soft cheese: The holes reduce the drag:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Home use only

    Thats a pretty knife, is that a factory blade with custom handle ?

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    Yes, factory blade with custom handle. I think the blade is only 150 mm.

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    Get a cheese wire.

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    Yup, heavy weight fishing wire tied around a slingshot shape works amazingly well.

    Take a look around at:

    Email me at:

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    The best hard cheese cutting knife I have ever used is my Henckels 5.5" Twin Cuisine santoku with the grantons. For such a small knife it's pretty heavy and it's the only time that it seems that the grantons actually help with the cutting.

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    +1 on the cheese wire, best cheese cutter ever.

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    I understand there are various wires etc out there now that work reasonably well

    Im looking for something new and different

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