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Thread: what is this hammered Damascus gyuto?

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    what is this hammered Damascus gyuto?

    My friend just received this knife as a gift. I think its pretty ugly...haha

    Anyways he asked me to sharpen it for him so I'd like to know a bit more about the knife. Anybody know? Ill try to take a better pic of the kanji later

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    OEM blade badged as Togiharu, Yoshihiro, Kanetsune, Monzaburo, JCK Gekko, probably some others. Stainless core, some sources say 19C27, others VG-10 at 58-60, maybe both exist?

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    Yep. I think it's not bad looking. They work ok too.

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    I have a 210, badged Sakai Takayuki from years back....OK knife, says its VG10...use it at home these days.
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