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Thread: Gesshin Hide 240mm Blue #2 Hon-Kasumi Wa-Gyuto- Special Project

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    I think it is absotively, posolutely imperative that you keep one for the store, just in case someone wants to check it out...

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    the jigane is just wa-tetsu (japanese soft iron)... dont know how reactive they will be, but i would imagine not too bad based on the yanagiba i have from the same blacksmith. The hagane is about 62-63 i believe (or at least thats what we talked about doing).

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBroida View Post
    Should I keep one for myself (also for people to test out at the store)?
    Welp, I know how TK voted.
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    Keep it so I can borrow it!

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    i've got quite a few knives at the store for this... a couple of drawers full at this point (well, one big drawer and then the rest are scattered about, tucked away in little nooks (or out on loan to local chefs and customers)

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    I may have to stop by and check one out tomorrow...


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    I say no. You've got 5, you'll never have a ton in, you know. I mean, I guess you've got to ask yourself even if you keep one, what's the likelihood that someone not on these boards will try it in store, fall in love with it, and then constantly check back for whenever it comes back in stock?

    I mean, if you really WANT to keep it, I would, I'd just choose a different rationalization

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    I think you're in trouble if you're asking this kind of advice from the forum. We have a tendency to enable

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    I think you should keep it (for a while at least). Get to know it, sharpen it, and then resell it as an upgraded blade that also has a 'Broida' edge on it. I think people would probably pay a bit more to know that you have tinkered with it and found a good combo of stones/angles to really make the blade sing. This way you get to try it out, add value, and have a satisfied customer. Maybe even send a personal note on sharpening suggestions.

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