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Thread: Holly in a handle?

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    Holly in a handle?

    As the holiday season is here I have a question about a wood for use in handles, namely holly, that festive wreath material.
    I have some chunks of holly that I acquired from my neighbors back yard a few years ago, and I just started slicing a little of it up. Is there any reason not to use slices of it as spacers in handle construction? It's a lot cheaper than something like horn as it was free.
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    I don't know enough about it to comment on using it unstabilized. But I did have a little bit stabilized by K&G and it came out with a slightly yellow cast, almost like some mammoth ivory that I have used. So I was also thinking about that as spacers instead of ivory. Try it out and let us know


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    The stuff I have used is white like ivory and has good tight grain. Makes a nice handle. I rehandled a Ruger with holly handles and engraving etc a few years back. Its holding up really nice! Go for it.. Just make sure its dried well B4 using, so it doesn't move and or shrink.

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    Holly strips were traditionally used as a "filler" between teak planks on the cabin floors of South Florida custom fishing boats like Rybovich and Merritt, so it is probably a fairly durable wood.

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    Does Holly Stabilize well? Ive got several blocks, but have been turned off to the discoloration when grinding and buffing, mine has looked "dirty" when finished.

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