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Thread: New from SE USA

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    Make a thread with the "What Knife To Buy?" questionnaire. It'll help us suggest good knives for you, and will help kick start your journey!

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    Advice On Home Kitchen Knives

    Looking to buy a new kitchen knife. Next step might be more knives. I've looked around this forum and other web sites. Before I registered here, I did not know a thing about kitchen knives. Now, I am upgraded to knowing almost nothing about kitchen knives.

    Wife's criteria is a knife is a utensil. It must be easy to maintain, must do the job very well, must not look like a trophy knife or knife as a status symbol. She and her friends are competitive home chefs amongst themselves. The benificiaries are us husbands. Darn good cooks. Wife and I met while we were graduate students. Nothing more difficult than getting someone who was a subsistence graduate student for many years to part with $.

    I gas BBQ on my DCS and have a Smoking Tex. 4 out of seven nights we will be eating vegitarian. Else when, ribs, chicken, fish.

    I on the other hand want the knife (knives) to look good. Not "bling" but good. As the Qer and Smoker of the household, I need function too. I am willing to spend more than the wife, but the benefit of the additional cost must be justified.

    To satisfy wife,
    • Wife willing to pay for function, not knife art. So, Damascus "bling" is likely out.
    • must be low effort to maintain. So, that would disqualify knives that rust or look bad when scratched easily.
    • easy to sharpen, holds an edge.

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    I re posted my last entry in a new thread Please reply there, not here. Thank you.

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