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Thread: Pronouncing Knife Brands

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    Pronouncing Knife Brands

    Jon did that great video on pronouncing different knife types a while back, which I liked, but can someone tell me how to pronounce these brand names correctly?


    I have heard 'Suisin' pronounced a couple of different ways recently. I confess ignorance on this one, but I bet there are a lot of brands and knife names that we mispronounce. Personally, I think I need an immersion course at the Broida household.

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    Yeah, Jon is amazing with pronunciation. At the ECG he was correcting me every time I opened my mouth.

    And I was speaking English.

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    SOY-seen is a close enough approximation, but the actual pronunciation is more like SOOEE-seen, with the EE being very brief.

    "Sui" is pronounced the same as the "sui" in "suiton" heard here:

    I'm guessing Glestain may be French but I stopped learning it in high school so I can't help there.

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    Wow, I was somewhat close. I've always said "Soo-ee-sin".

    I just say Glestain just how it looks--rhymes with "less-pain".

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    I'm not sure I pronounce Heiji correctly. Any help?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBroida View Post
    hey- G
    Really? I always thought it was pronounced "Buy Me"

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    haha... thats our "in store name" for it :P

    Should we make a video with brand name pronunciations?

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