New Petties in the works.
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Thread: New Petties in the works.

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    New Petties in the works.

    This is an idea that has been in the works for a while now. I am doing some petties in the 130-210 range. Have a few that will be ready by the weekend, and will be available on my website.

    Here is the one i did for the Bladeforums christmas KITH. The ones i have upcoming will have a few in mono steel and also a few in damascus

    Thanks for looking

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    Nice work Mike.

    IMHO, just a perfect profile for a petty in those lengths...

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    Thanks! I have a few in mono steel, a few in damascus, and maybe a really thick one in a san mai...Still working the thoughts on that one, as the san mai is pretty thick(1/4" i think). I have one of these in my kitchen i have been using everyday for almost a year...takes a wicked edge and cuts forever.

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    Can't see that one.

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    Pic not working?

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    OH it is now. I guess my compy had a cpu-fart.

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    LOL! Ok cool.

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    Ok so i have a few blades done, but cannot decide what wood to us to go with them....Any suggestions? Pics are down below.
    Ok, First one is a 150mm made from Deker's Basketweave pattern.

    Second one is a 180mm made from Delbert's Lizard pattern

    And here...Is a couple pieces of wood i am considering....

    What do you guys think?


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    Top row 4th from the left

    It mimics the blade finish perfectly

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    Hmm, redwood pin wood Burl on the bottom for the lizard
    And maple Burl top row third column for the other.

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