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Thread: More Iron Chef America Knives

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    Senior Member gentlecook's Avatar
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    Holla guys!

    Cant find records of the Ironchef America on youtube and google gives errorish links.

    maybe someone had this records in another place?
    (or maybe HDD =))
    actually interested in records with Morimoto.

    thank you!

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    I was lucky enough to have Morimoto and his sous chef do a private demo for about 10 of us where I work. He broke down a 80 lb tuna and then did several quick sushi dishes / maki rolls. His sous chef was using some "well used" knives that he had brought with him. Morimoto himself was using an 8" ZKramer as a deba to break down some 4 lb whole fish. I took him to lunch the next day along with his sous chef but he was slightly aloof when I would ask him questions. Basically all I got out of him was that he preferred aogami to shirogami. I do have a good relationship with Inotada Productions in Osaka where Morimoto took Anthony Bourdain on his show and I have gotten several knives that I really like.

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