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Thread: Some extra handles available

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    Quote Originally Posted by apicius9 View Post
    Greetings Earthlings, we come in peace!

    …p.s. Stefan, for next selfie you'd need to make a proper duckface

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    Are you taking up bee keeping?
    In order to make delicious food, you must eat delicious food. Jiro Ono

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    After starting to develop rashes to one or more of my woods and struggling with a bronchitis for almost 12 weeks, I decided some better protection might be in order. Still have mixed feelings about the thing. Feels safe and seems to keep dust out, although I still do smell some woods, i.e. some particles still must come in. Supposedly it filters out 98%, down to 0.5micron which is much smaller than the average saw dust particle. Of course, wearing the thing in a 90F shop in Hawaii means it does get a bit hot but because of the active ventilation only toward the back of the head. Finally, 2 annoying things: 1) I keep bumping into beams and low hanging lamps that I just clear without the thing on my head 2) because the battery and filters are inside the helmet top, it is a bit top heavy. This means, when you bend down it shifts or you have to screw the head band so tight that it becomes a torture instrument. Will have to figure something out about that. Overall, for half the price a no-brainer, for the actual price ($370) it could be a bit more comfortable.

    Oh, and I am not keeping bees, but Mr. Reginald Prawnbaum is.


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    How do I get in touch with you, I can't seem to PM, I would like to handle my 240 Gyuto with one of your handles. Really beautiful work you do.
    Quote Originally Posted by apicius9 View Post
    Just bumping this one. Three of those are still available, lowered the prices bit. Not sure why #s 1 and 4 are still here, they are really nice. If #4 doesn't sell in a few day it will go on my Carter suji...

    1. Hawaiian signature wood with a whitebait kauri handle, made with a longer suji in mind, should also work on a 270 gyuto, $110, 152 x 22/24 x 25/27
    4. Another very long and slim one, Belize rosewood, kukui nut ferrule, copper spacer, perfect for a 330 yanagi, $135, 157 x 20/22 x 22/25
    5. Hawaiian milo, spalted signature ferrule, fiber spacers, I see this on a 270 gyuto, $79, 153 x 23/25 x 25/27



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    Love the new look Stefan

    Can you put an AC unit in your shop?

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