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Thread: wishlist

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    Sleep. Lord, a week of sleep and quiet reading is something I can only dream of.

    My Christmas wish for this year is self-employment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bprescot View Post
    ...Kochi KU 240
    +1 I knew I forgot something. I also wouldn't mind an Ino honyaki...

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    wish list- to get emails from some makers saying your knife is ready, yea that sounds like all I would wish for. But I am a patient guy.

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    something from, Marko, Burke or Randy, Oh yeah and Devin, Rader, Harner, Davis, catchsides, rodrigue ,Martell, Spike, mario and everyone else I didn't mention.' I like knives!

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    Gesshin 8k
    260mm Carter funayuki
    240mm Marko gyuto

    Unfortunately, all will probably have to wait 'till a good bit after the holidays.

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    A rebuilt Sheaffer early 40's fountain pen, grey or brown stripped, what can I say I like the triumph nibs.
    A KU knife I don't have already...
    A permenant position at work (big one)
    Custom made razor
    High end Japanese natural for final polish on my razor.

    I could go on for days but the only one that I REALLY wish for is the permanent job slot

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    my twin ittosai kotetsu honyakis... I miss those things dearly.

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    I got me a 210mm Deba and a 300mm Honyaki Yanagi and thought I am about done for now with knives.
    And then I decided that I want to try a mioroshi deba, and of course I had to add a few more stones on the wish list.

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    If you reach the age of 60 without becoming a curmudgeon, you haven't been paying attention.

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