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Thread: Line Knife

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    Sounds like a cool project. Looking forward to pics of the finished creation.

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    The masamoto KS gyuto has a suji/gyutoish shape that I find very usefull a 240 leaning a bit more towards a suji I think would be an interesting shape.

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    I think if you made a 210 Masamoto KS that would be perfect for a line knife. You still need such a knife to be a little gyuto like especially if it is only 210 long to give you any sort of usable flat area.

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    Yea some sujis are a bit too narrow, and gyutos too tall. I agree with what's been said here. And I like the 225mm length as well. Not a petty but not a 240 gyuto (which can be too long it tight areas) ... I do like the Kiritsuke tip as well, but don't think it's a deal breaker.

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