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Thread: zig zag and wenge

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    zig zag and wenge

    210mm gyuto stainless damascus with 19c27 core, wenge handle

    This knife is for a gal that works for Chris Reeve knives. Chris came through Panaca a couple of months ago, he seen my kitchen knife and wanted it. I told that I would trade him for the folder in his pocket, so we swaped the knife in my kitchen for the knife in his pocket, fun.

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    The alleles created by mutation may be beneficial

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    Great knife and very cool story.

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    That must have been some pocket knife. Very nice bit of welding Devin.

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    Very nice. The zig zag pattern and wenge go very nice together.

    And a lesson learned: show up with nice stuff in your pockets when you visit Devin!
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    Sorry, I made it sound like this was the knife, we traded for one made from AEB-L, he ordered this one because he liked the other one so much.


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    Great work as always, Hoss. That wenge handle is probably my favorite I've seen of yours--classy and understated but undeniably top quality.

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    I gotta stay away from these Devin threads... Everytime I see one I start thinking do I really need a car? or should I sell it and get a couple of knives and do with a bike... Motorcycle if I am feeling saucy.

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    staring into that zig zag pattern on the blade and the wenge - I think i'm being hypnotized into buying a new knife!

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    Quote Originally Posted by heldentenor View Post
    Great work as always, Hoss. That wenge handle is...classy and understated but undeniably top quality.
    +1. I wouldn't mind one of those at all.

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    How the heck did you get such perfect lines and corners - that's amazing!

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