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Thread: Jin Knives... coming soon

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    There really nice! If only not so expensive!

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    These are the coolest and most unique knives I have seen. Love the 315 Yanagi with the one-piece wooden handle. Also think that the metal bolsters look sweet.

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    These are really,really awesome. I never thought that I had a secret burning desire for a 212mm mioroshi deba, but apparently I do.

    I've noticed that on some of the knives you mention that there is a thin layer of copper between the stainless and high speed steel. I've never heard or seen anything like this. Would you elaborate on this? - Why is it there/what does it do? Pictures?

    Also, how would describe and compare the high speed steel? What other steel might it most closely resemble?

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    actually, the copper layer is there on all of his knives. I always wondered why its there, but i havent had a chance to ask him yet. Maybe its to prevent reactions between the cladding and cutting edge steel.

    You can see it in most of the pictures... it looks like a gold line.

    Anyways, the steel itself is carbon steel. I cant think of anything it closely resembles right off the bat. Its not too difficult to sharpen, but its tough and has very nice edge retention so far in my testing. I also like how it takes a SUPER sharp edge. Irionically, the maker uses oil stones to sharpen (and gets killer edges). I've gotten great results with water stones. I have my takobiki-shaped yanagiba out on loan right now, but when i get it back, i will do a video with it.

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    Jon have any of these badboys been picked up yet?

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    a couple... they never made it up on the website though. After the holidays, i'll get mine back from the person i loaned it to and i'll try to make a video or something

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