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is that 330mate stone?
Absolutely not.

(Dang near insulting that is! )

The stones are at Tsunesaburo, a Japanese plane maker. I asked if they could find a natural stone matched to a 70mm wide tamahagane plane blade they made up for me specially, and that's what they picked up, trying most of the larger stones to find the best match. I got offered 3 different stones, with suggestions on what each was like, told them what the ultimate owner already has and what they were after, end decision was the tomae.

If it came from nearly anyone else, I'd be asking serious questions about it's origins.

From Tsunesaburo, no questions needed. Their reputation is without peer, and nobody would be stupid enough to sell them junk.

I'm not stupid enough to call their choice into question, and only offered a simple "thank you very much" for their help.

(For the record, I think I've met the fellow who runs 330mate. I don't think he likes me very much, but I could be wrong.)