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Thread: Tipping a bad server?

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    I put the question to my shuffleboard team, and we are going to give our barmaid a Xmas bonus.

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    I don't go out a lot and most of my eating out is done when I am attending shows, and I usually eat at places where I can get a meal for $10 or less. I don't drink unless my hotel is within walking distance. I used to get half a dozen $2 bills before going to a show to leave them as tips. I worked in fast food for 14 years and I know things are not the same, but I do know what it is like to be treated like **** by your customers. If there are issues with the food I don't take it out on the wait staff, but if the service is poor then it affects the tip. I usually leave 20%, but I have left a quarter a few times when I am ignored, especially if the place is less than busy. My needs are usually modest, a single warm-up on the coffee and making sure I get the right food. I have noticed lately that there is almost always more food on the plate than I can eat, so I never order dessert of any kind. In fact at some places i just order a side dish, because its more than enough for me by itself.
    Over the past 20 years I would say I have left the quarter maybe 3 times.
    I think it is part of the job to be curteous at the minimum, and friendly at best, if they can't handle the first then maybe they should be doing something else.

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    i usually tip 15-20% for restaurant meals. I've heard that Canadians are poor tippers compared to americans. Judging from this thread, that might be true. If I had really bad service, I have in the past tipped 10% when I *really wanted* to tip 5% (hey, they have to tip out the kitchen...). Long string of dating servers (and eventually marrying one) has changed my tipping habits.

    Having also been 'in the industry' for a little while myself, the tipping sometimes got out of hand. I'd be fed a lot of free drinks, so when a buddy would actually let me pay for something, I'd end up tipping 2-500%, just to make up for all the comp'd stuff. Ditto for friends and family discounts and the like - tip generously on what the bill would have been without the discount is the usual route.

    What really drives me crazy though, is that everyone seems to want a tip these days. I buy a donut and a coffee and there's an option to tip. Screw that, I'm not tipping for counter service or if you made me my shawarma to go. forget it - where's the service in that? I'm always wondering whether I need to tip when I pick up a takeout pizza also...

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    Well, the expectation over here (Ontario) is 10% standard. 15% for good service.

    Tipping delivery guys is something I always do. My dad used to run deliveries. Taught quite a few friends in highschool about the need to tip these guys.

    No idea where the tipping for counter service thing started. Maybe it started with the "got a penny, leave a penny; need a penny, take a penny" bins.

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