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Thread: Harner Laser Petty sharpening

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    Harner Laser Petty sharpening

    The the steel in Butch's beautiful petty is reported to be Carpenter CTS XHP Alloy, which Carpenter describes as:

    "(Nominal Analysis)
    1.60 C, 0.50 Mn, 0.40 Si, 16.00 Cr, 0.35 Ni, 0.80 Mo, 0.45 V, Bal. Fe

    Air hardening, high carbon, high chromium, corrosion resistant alloy which can be described as either a high hardness Type 440C stainless steel or a corrosion resistant D2 tool steel. Possesses corrosion resistance equivalent to Type 440C stainless but can attain a maximum hardness of 64 HRC, approaching that of D2 tool steel."

    I believe Butch hardened the petty to 61 Rc, if I understand his post about it.

    Using the same routine I use with carbon knives (1200 King, 6000 King, 10000 Naniwa, Dave's leather strop with .25 micron diamond spray), I am not getting the Harner quite as sharp as my carbon steel knives like the Carter funayuki.

    Is there a different technique needed for stainless? Can it get as sharp as carbon?

    By the way, the Harner is a delight to use as a paring knife, and gets plenty of use for a home cook's knife.


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    Hi Keith,
    The first thing that pops into my head is the difficulty in sharpening such a short knife and how this might be playing into your troubles.

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    I have a tiny (80mm) Dojo that refuses to get any sharper than "stupid" sharp.

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    cant help much as i have not stoned any of the XHP yet (soon as a razor tyester gets made i can tell you better )
    all of the xhp has gone out the door witha 9 miccron belt thta i keep wet then some stroping

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    Butch, are the stainless razors Classic Shaving just put up for sale made from XHP?
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    The carpenter takes an edge easily, though I think the CPM154 Butch uses is a bit nicer on the stones.

    The original laser petty is much easier to sharpen due to the difference in steel and because they are flatter profiled. The new batch has more belly on such a short edge, so angle control is not as easy. I have gone with a steeper edge than what Butch put on but this knife sees next to no board contact.

    I sharpen with a king 1k/6k combo normally with Dave's strop kit to finish and the edge is just as good as any other steel.

    Just my .02

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    rick no not yet
    first i need to make my tester (heehhe i get a new razor in house )
    then it wil be part of a planned 7 day set 3 carbon 3 SS and one dammy alllin walnut burl

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    Quote Originally Posted by l r harner View Post
    rick no not yet
    first i need to make my tester (heehhe i get a new razor in house )
    then it wil be part of a planned 7 day set 3 carbon 3 SS and one dammy alllin walnut burl
    Are you just trying to kill me off?? Holy crap that would be a sweet set

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