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Thread: Applying Chromium Oxide to a Felt Strop

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    Applying Chromium Oxide to a Felt Strop

    For applying chromium oxide powder to a felt strop I use a mister bottle with an alcohol 70/30 CrO mix. This makes a really neat even distribution without clumping up the felt.

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    What exactly does the chromium do to the strop?

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    Chromium oxide is a fine grained abrasive (in the order of a half micron IIRC).

    This is a way of "loading the strop" to impart a fine abrasive quality to your strop. Some people use diamond or CBN paste or spray instead. Some people advocate stropping on a fine stone instead.
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    Would this application work with balsa as well?

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    @Chicagohawkie balsa takes the "waxy" polishing pastes as-is quite well....

    Since some were asking what it does: Shaves arm/leg hair -> Shaves it without touching the skin or tearing noticeably at it. Refines already sharp edges. However, I'd advise washing the blade with a soft sponge and soap before letting it touch food.

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    Thanks, should look into this when making my own strop

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