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Thread: tossing out an idea

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    I like it. I think you should actually do a course schedule (single bevel, heiji, natural stones, double bevel etc.) and schedule it far enough in advance. Take a cue from some of those kitchen stores that do cooking classes. Just my 2 cents.

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    can i come by and crash it

    sounds great tho

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    Are these going to be more PG than your last webcam business Jon?

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    i dont know... you know what they say about old habits and what not

    i like the schedule idea... i'll try to put something together

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    Great idea, Jon! I don't have skype, but I think you're onto something with this one.

    Take a look around at:

    Email me at:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lefty View Post
    Great idea, Jon! I don't have skype, but I think you're onto something with this one.
    Skype is free and pretty easy to download. You wouldn't even need a microphone or video camera, so if you are on the forums you should be able to take part.

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    I'm interested but would have to be on a weekly "drop in" schedule as my schedule changes weekly. Of course, this probably won't work well with a small limit of seats available. Just curious, why the max people? Is it because only so many people are allowed in a room? Or to allow people time to ask questions?

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    i can do up to 10 at a time with the system i paid for, but really the more people, the slower everything goes. Also, the more people there are, the more chance there is of people talking over one and other. If it really works out and becomes popular, i can always do more times.

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    This is a cool idea. I might be down soon, but not the first one

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevenStefano View Post
    Sounds like a great idea. If these classes were to be at 5ish PST that's about 1am UK time isn't it so that ain't too late
    Correct. We are GMT -8 out here.
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