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Thread: Kochi Knives BACK IN STOCK

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    Kochi Knives BACK IN STOCK

    It seems like we now have all of the kurouchi Kochi knives back in stock, including my favorite 240mm Kurouchi Wa-Gyuto. We also have one very cool Kurouchi 270mm V2 Yanagiba in stock (not on the website)... it just arrived so there are no pictures yet.

    Anyways, here you go:
    Kochi Knives @ JKI

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    I like these knives, they get crazy sharp easily. Some of the nicer kurouchi knives around.

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    Jon, do you have any input on Kochi's kurouchi vs. migaki? Is there any performance difference or is are the differences purely superficial?

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    actually, the migaki wasnt in too high of demand last time so i brought in the kurouchi only this time. I found the performance to be very similar (though i didnt keep a migaki one)... the kurouchi did better with food release and was easier to care for. I have to admit, i also liked the look of it a bit more.

    FYI, only 3 of the 240mm's left

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    i love my 240 kurouchi.

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