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Thread: Help Support Nakaya Heiji- Disaster Relief

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chef Niloc View Post
    Wow I was worried about something like this, thank you for doing this Jon. It seems like so long ago that a storm named Katrina brought me to NY, I know how he & his family feel & they have my deepest sympathy.
    Thanks a lot. I didnt know that Katrina prompted your move to NY. I guess it all worked out though. Times like this can be very trying... honestly, all i'm hoping for is that we can contribute to their saftey and give them a boost in getting settled down into normal life again. The response we've gotten has been nothing short of amazing. By the way, thank you for your donation as well. We really appreciate it. We're approaching the $4k mark pretty quickly. Its not a lot in the whole scheme of things, but its a hell of a lot better than nothing when you have to start from scratch all over again.



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    The whole story in kind of interesting and makes one think that every thing does happen for a reason. I was in NY when Katrina hit working as a grill cook at a seasonal restaurant in the Hampton's. The idea was to make a wad of cash working my but off for the summer so I could go home with a diamond ring in hand & pop the question to my girlfriend. I lost every thing house completely gone, my girlfriend did not make it out, lost a lot of other friends too. I don't have much family, & what I do have I'm not very close with so I was basically on my own. I luckily hade a good amount of money that I was saving for a ring & a house so I just stayed in NY.

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    For those of you on Facebook, it's easy to share the link that Jon provided on his JKI page on your FB page. Who knows, but I assume there are a lot of folks who would love to donate to a person as opposed to a cause (though both kinds of giving are equally valuable).


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