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Thread: post your xmas scores here!

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    post your xmas scores here!

    Xmas is over and I got a knife!!

    You got it it right! A KNIFE!!
    Not just any knife, this one is truly one of a kind!
    So people dont get jealous: Remember I live in Norway.


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    Just your color, nice catch!

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    The 80's are over

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    The power of ceramic is underestimated!

    This one never needs sharpening, easy to clean, easy to handle, you can have it in the dishwasher, it doest stain the food, nor does it pick up taste from foods.
    Its truly a piece of art. Wanna buy it for lets say 500 USD? Its a steal!

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    Sorry but I prefer purple

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    Mine is my 270 Heiji, but I think it's a big for my set-up right now.
    I may still keep it, though.

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    I got a vitamix 5200

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    Unnamed unused honyaki yanagi 300mm, and 210mm Blue 2 Deba, both from auctions and lucky buys for very cheap.
    Filarmonica Double Temple #13 Razor never used, never honed, mint condition for much less than the going price.

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