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Thread: JNS 1000

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    Quote Originally Posted by EdipisReks View Post
    he actually shipped that **** to people? that bottom one, especially, is what it should look like after about 5 minutes on a King 800. what happened to the other 2 hours, and multiple stones, following that first 5 minutes?
    the top one is just his interpretation of Aoto that provides 8k finish. I asked for pics of the finish and that is what he showed me. Aoto can't give 8k finish because it is too soft for that, not to mention the bevel is so messed up one can;t even tell where the Aoto finish is in the whole mess. Those are the Tanaba Aotos he sells from Tanaka by the way.
    The second knife is actual customers knife that he worked on and sent out, that KCMA had to later fix because it looked like crap.

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    Do you guys remember that new Doi kiritsuke that he put a natural stone finish on for CKTG?

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    Getting back to the subject, I'm trying to figure out what he/they think this kind of thing gets them? I mean why even bring up any of this crap when you're trying to showcase a new product you're bringing to market? None of this is positive and does no good for your cause.

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    Obviously they don't have the brains to figure that out.

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    And why do they sharpen knives on the reverse side like that? right hand blade being hold by left hand and edge away from sharpener, single bevel knife in particular. With the motion he is using, it is very unlikely that he and get anywhere close to even scratch pattern on the bevel.

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    Man I just caught up on this thread. I can't believe what they are saying. Those knives he shipped are unacceptable for sure. Wow.

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    Its only explanes why they will steel my stone name, they own reputation seems to be pretty bad. They got more then 20 random stones (stones they did not even test ) from different brands and put they own stamp on them, now they need to get attention and good name for them.
    Very bad busines strategy !!
    Thats why these guys are jokes to me. I think i will just ignore them in the future and not recommend them to anyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Martell View Post
    Do you guys remember that new Doi kiritsuke that he put a natural stone finish on for CKTG?
    yes I do it was so bad... wonder who payed 500+ bucks for that ???

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    Video: 15:05

    Ken: "You do have to be careful about some of the knife sharpeners out there...I won't mention names."

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