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Thread: Calling all Shig owners

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    Quote Originally Posted by andoniminev View Post
    What was the waiting time with JWW?
    he said he waited 14 months. i don't know typical that was, but it didn't surprise me.

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    I may have just got lucky but the last one I bought off JWW around a year ago took about a week between placing the order on the web and the knife showing up in the mail. My first one might have been more like 6 months but they called and told me that up front.

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    New shig owner here! It'll be in the mail soon. Bought the nakiri from Curtis. Super excited because its been thinned and polished already!

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    Congrats ... Will receive a KU Nakiri myself one of these days (not a Shig but close lol) maybe I will thin and polish mine as well - who knows

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    I got my Shigefusa kitaeji 250 yesterday. It took just 5 days. The most beautiful knife I have ever seen. Impressed. It is test time soon. There is one more for sale and ready to ship, if you are interested, contact me. It is the web shop i bought mine which are selling. 22 cm gyto kitaeji shigefusa with octagonal handle. there is only one left.

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    Glad that you like it Guess you mean this one

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peco View Post
    Glad that you like it Guess you mean this one
    Yes, that is the one. I did not want to post the site because I do not know if that is OK because they are vendors. Anyway, I got the best service and they were very helpful.

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    I've been looking for a available 240 for quite some time now.
    Anyone have a second hand one they are willing to let go off.

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