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Thread: Carter thinning project ...

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    Ah cool, I'll be bugging you for feedback on that stone- its on my shopping list

    Any reason for changing the honesuki? I'm the process of making one after forging the blade before Christmas and want the edge to be 99/1 so I can skim the bones as close as possible without catching. Will be something I experiment with too though

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    I will let you know how it goes ...

    I just don't like the 99/1 on the honesuki so I will change the edge geometry. If it doesn't work out it won't be a big deal. I just got a small double bevel deba that will handle the same jobs as the honesuki - at least that is what I hope. Tomorrow I will test my new little beast on a couple of chickens

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peco View Post
    Next little project will be new bevels on a Tojiro honesuki, maybe 70/30 - 60/40 instead of 99/1?
    I've messed with the bevels on my Fujiwara honesuki for the last 1.5 years, and have settled on what looks to be a 75/25 works great for all its intended tasks, and it is a great petty to boot. Turned out to be a very versatile little knife.

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    beautiful knife -

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