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Thread: Carter thinning project ...

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    Carter thinning project ...

    So I got the day of and decided to flatten my stones. When done I wanted to sharpen some knifes. Ended up thinning my Carter a tiny bit behind the edge ....

    I used my Chosera 400 grit for this process. Cut quite a lot of metal as you can see

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    Even though I never tried this before I had a plan. Cut some metal, sand by hand, apply new bevels and hopefully end up with a usable knife. After the 400 grit stone I sanded the surface with sandpaper (for metal). 180 and 360 grit was used. First I sanded without lubricate and later I used WD-40. This picture shows the knife thru half of this process ... approx. 10 minutes or so ...

    One can see a tiny bit of the 400 grit pattern ...

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    After sanding both sides - with both grits - it was time to set the bevels. First the 1000 grit Chosera ... I aimed for a 50/50 bevel ... 0,5 milimeter edge ...

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    Followed by a 5000 grit Chosera ...

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    Looks very nice. What did you use to block your sand paper?

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    Thinning a Carter? You are nuts!!!
    Great job on it, though.

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    Looks really good. Nice even scratch pattern.

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    After stropping on cardboard and paper I wasn't satisfied with the cutting performance, I hit the stones again. 1000 grit to thin behind the edge and set the bevels to approx. 70-80/30-20. Followed by the 5000 grit, cardboard and paper. This bevel cut like a charm and its a keeper ...

    All in all it was a fun project which took about 2.5-3 hours. I'm very satisfied with the result - taking all facts into consideration. The finish on the knife turned out great (for me). As mentioned many times before I'm not fond of bling bling. The blade could get a lot finer scratches using higher grits - I won't even go there. This has been a good learning process and it won't be the last time I get into deep water

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    Quote Originally Posted by PierreRodrigue View Post
    Looks very nice. What did you use to block your sand paper?
    Thanks. All I used was my hands, no blocks etc.

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    And your fingertips are still intact? It looks great, be sure to post further projects. Windex, and Exxon Mobil 1 motor oil, make fantastic lubricants. The oil is stellar, it "floats" all the metal particles. You only need a few drops.

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