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Thread: New years knives?

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    New years knives?

    What are you guys doing for new years? Sara and I are heading up to Yosemite to visit my grandpa... i'm trying to decide which knives to bring with me for cooking (of course i have to travel with knives ). Are you going somewhere? If so, are you bringing knives or stones with you?

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    I will be eating with friends. I have to bring knives about every time I leave the house, I always get asked to cut stuff. I was asked to cut cheese slices on Christmas eve.

    I'll bring my shig probably. When traveling, I bring the cck 1303 and an idahone rod.

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    Heading to a friend's for a house party. Not sure what's going on there for food, but generally he's already got everything prepped. Will probably bring a little Takeda bunko banno with me just in case ... pretty much because that's what I already brought out for dinner at another friend's house for Christmas Eve

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    I'll Be prepping and cooking for our business's new years eve dinner. The heiji and mizuno gyutos are mirror polished an d ready for the onslaught!!!

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    Still a ralative newbie to sharpening, but did not stop my father from wanting me to bring all my stones down for Christmas. He just has a bunch of Wustoffs and others, but able to get them a whole lot better than his usual pull through thingie.

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    Friends house for dinner party

    Got everything lined up, will be taking by nice new Suisin yanagiba to prepare the sushi. After that its a Allen Brothers wellington.

    Got the drinks lined up in order

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    Cant wait, its a special night that we plan for months !!!

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    Prime rib and Cab Sav at our house, followed by dessert and ice wine. It's a NYE tradition for my wife and I.

    We also start the year off with beans and greens for good luck, this year it's white bean and greens soup with ham hock-a Cajun/German specialty.

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    Was at my mother in laws all she had in her kitchen was a three inch serrated knife from the 70s. I had to buy her something... Best I could do in their area was a Wustof classic. Better than nothing.

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    Planning to roast a duck and serve it with cream of mushroom gravy over spaatzle. Powder steel san mai gyuto is my go to knife at the moment.


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    I will be at the restaurant cooking it up I guess.

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