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Thread: First Board!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nhatduongchi View Post
    What is the ratio of beewax and mineral oil to use for best result? Thanks
    I find a 4 to 1 ratio by weight of oil to wax is best.


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    Also wash the board with cold water and no detergents. If cutting meat, fish, bloody products, wash with warm water and lightly scrub surface with a sink brush. You will eventually wash off the protective surface oil but its designed to be washed off. Like ablative bottom paint on a boat. Also, for best absorption, apply oil when the board is dry not after use.

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    I made the oil with 4 to 1 ratio and used on my board and wooden utensils and I like it a lot. Thank you all

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    I´ve mixed 100 gram of bees wax with 1 litre of mineral oil, works as good on knife handles, cutting boards and tired feets

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    This is some interesting reading.

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