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Thread: Butcher Knife Set - KKF Member Project

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    Quote Originally Posted by ecchef View Post
    Which looks exactly like a French butcher knife, or a Swiss butcher knife, or...

    There was really nothing that Dario did with that knife that you couldn't do with a gyuto, or sujihiki, or even a machete.

    I don't know if there are too many people that still break 158 primals, especially at home.
    I agree, just saying there's another besides the scimitar and clip point...

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    When I was in the business of selling butcher and meat packing cutlery, the catalogs referred to that pattern as a "European Butcher Knife" so any of those countries would fit. I think what most Americans call a butcher knife originated in England.

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    Bump, just saying now that Dave is rolling along with the gyutos, by my count he only has 23 left to make, maybe it is time to bring this back into the light.

    Too soon?

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    A little soon but hey we can always talk. Actually Jim mentioned this to me last week so it's been brought back into the light already. I'm 100% down with doing some of these knives but I may first do one or two here and there to get a feel for what works before going all waterjet on the project.

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