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Thread: Butcher Knife Set - KKF Member Project

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    "My apologies, Dave, I know the image is from the competition but it's only to throw ideas around."
    FWTW, if you click on "enlarge image", the copy image, you can bypass the rest of the site!

    Spike C
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    Dave -- I would say it depends on which damacus pattern you will be making them from
    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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    Quote Originally Posted by WildBoar View Post
    Dave -- I would say it depends on which damacus pattern you will be making them from
    Oh now we're getting crazy.....but hey....why not get crazy sometimes?

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    Another vote for scimitar on the right.

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    I vote for the bull nose knife on the left.

    Do you think this project will get knocked out before the end of summer?

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    I need to get cracking on this. It'd be nice to get a design pinned down.

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    Yup. Especially when it might take a few versions from the waterjet company to get it dialed in.

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    My vote would be for a straight 6-inch flex narrow boning, curved stiff narrow 6-inch boning, and a 12-inch cimeter. You can't have too many boning knives when you are breaking whole animals down so adding a wide 6-inch stiff boning to that would also be nice.

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