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Thread: Butcher Knife Set - KKF Member Project

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    I wasn't sure at first but I'm really starting to think that this is do-able. I'm sure it's not a huge market but why not do something different, could be fun?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim View Post
    We have already spoke about this Dave, but I thought I would throw my thoughts out -
    Is the goal here to create a set of knives to really disassemble a carcass? Or are we creating a homage to this style of cutlery that has a practical use for the average (whatever that is) member?

    If the latter, I really want a gently curving scimitar at no more than 8 inches of cutting length, mostly for trimming my briskets and clods, breaking down pork shoulders ect.. I will not be working from a rail on a hanging carcasses with this knife.

    If it's the former, then thats all good also, I would just prefer a knife I actually have a use for.
    I dont think the goal was ever to create a set to break down a full steer. Frankly, I am not sure what that requires. If these work for that, then great. I think the goal was to make some knives that are traditionally western and hard to find manufactured with quality steel. At least for pro's, having a western boning knife and scimitar not made out of soft german steel would be great. I deal for me would be something like a ~7" boning knife, 10-12" scimitar.

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    Dave is this going down or what? I need some Dave steel for the box

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    All I need to do is to get some drawings and then see what you guys think and then it can happen just like that.

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    OK here's what I'm narrowing it down to based on what's been expressed here as well as what I think is feasible to do to start off with....

    1. Small butcher knife (clip point) - 5"-7" blade

    2. Large butcher knife (clip point) - 12" blade

    3. Small Scimitar - 5"-7" blade

    4. Long Scimitar - 12"-14" blade

    5. Western boning knife 5"-7" blade

    I'm thinking of picking 2 to 3 of these choices for the first round. Carbon steel of course.
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    You have two #3's.

    Renumbering them, I vote #5 (7"), and either a #2 or #4 (12")

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    At least #3 perhaps a #1 also.

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    yea dave you can put me down for a number 4, hahahaha I can see the animals and primals weeping at the sight

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    I'm in for a #4 as well. Want to play with cutting my own NY strips, etc. at some point down the road.
    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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    Dave, I'm most interested in a #4 and #5 with a matching rustic leather roll from, if possible.

    Then, I can pretend I'm Bill the Butcher.

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