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Thread: Disc shaped stones

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    Disc shaped stones

    When I was looking around for stones I came across disc shaped Naniwas, around 9" in diameter and 1" thick (220x27mm). The store said that they were especially suited for longer knives.
    Have anyone used something like it?

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    I bought a round Naniwa 1000 grit a few years back for a decent price. Tried it just once, liked it but never used it again...

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    Thanks for the answer. Is there a reason for not using it again? I kind of like the idea with a big round stone, when sharpening longer knives it could be useful.
    OT: I spent the new years morning sharpening one of my brothers knives. A Henckles five star I gave him two years ago, I kind of miss the knife; One of the best western handles I've ever encounterd.
    The knife was absurdly blunt when iit was handed to me so I started with a DMT and continoued as follows:
    Naniwa #400
    Shapton #1000
    Naniwa ss #2000
    Naniwa ss #5000
    ...and finally a strop loaded with chromium oxide.
    Kind of a overkill, but I really wanted to give him a sharp and convex edge for the new year.
    The steel were really easy to sharpen but the bolster was a PITA.

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    Same stone just bigger and round. If you like choseras go for it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vils View Post
    Thanks for the answer. Is there a reason for not using it again?
    Only reason was that handling, soaking and drying the thing takes up a lot of space. Where are you located Vils?

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    Space limitations? Look at my place

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    Space limitations on my drying tray, this thing takes up the space of three regular stones...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vils View Post
    Space limitations? Look at my place
    Nothing like cooking dinner, knocking out a little laundry and surfing KKF all from the comfort of your office chair.

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    Holy Crap! And I thought Manhattan apartments were tight!
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