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Thread: Catcheside Cutlery 2012 pre-order profiles and options.

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    52100 is a great steel. I have loved every blade I've used with 52100(a skewed sample, since they've been from various ABS knifemakers). But Blue #2 is a knife steel, and does at least as good a job as 52100. I am certain that if AS was being made in the USA, every Tom, Dick, and Harry would be using it for their knives, just like in Japan.

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    Awesome looking line-up. I particularly like your flexibility in allowing for a few different profiles for each type. That's progressive thinking.

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    Thanks folks, all the materials are in to get on with the first lot of orders and a few backorders hopefully next week will weld up the laminates all things allowing.

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    Right I have some final tweaked profiles for approval before I get too far with the billets and blanks.

    David, long awaited feather duo special order.
    240mm Suji. Height 38 mm, Choil 12mm
    210 Gyuto, Height 48 mm, Choil 12mm

    Aphex 250 mm Gyuto, Masamoto-esc with a little more height
    Height now 53 mm, choil 15 mm.

    Sean 240 mm Feather Gyuto, same profile as my last one.
    Blade 245 mm, Height 49 mm, Choil 15mm.

    Judd special order Suji.
    Blade 300mm, Height, 46mm, Choil 15mm.

    Let me know if we're looking good here, i'll leave plenty of wiggle when I rough out the blanks anyway.

    Thanks all.....Will

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    Some updates here.
    I am working on a website for Catcheside Cutlery and this has prompted me to reorganize a few things. My ordering process is a little overcomplicated and I will hope to make this simpler by giving per cm pricing over the range of materials offered. I will be dropping simpler mosaic damascus. All Mosaic will be "high end" as all the patterns I make now are as time consuming as the feather pattern and those are the ones people seem to like. The random type patterns are quicker and remain priced as such.

    I will also make the system so for custom orders you choose your wood from Burlsource, this is billed to you and sent to me. I'm finding customers like to choose their own wood and i'm finding it hard to afford large batches to provide a good choice.

    Those are the more major changes. There will be a slight overall increase in prices affecting the longer knives, I will have these prices public soon on the website, but will give plenty of warning and will not affect anyone currently talking to me about something or about to...
    It will only be an increase of something like £40 on the very top end pieces and the main handle block will not be included. In general there will be more of a tax on larger knives.

    These will be the total list of specs available.

    Mono Carbon - 01
    Mono Stainless - Probably RWL-34
    Carbon san mai - 01/BP2
    Stainless clad- 304- carbon core - 01/BP2
    Simple Damascus San mai - 01/BP2
    Stainless damascus- 304/430- carbon core - 01/BP2
    Carbon Mosaic Damascus - 01/15n20
    Carbon mosaic with a blue paper edge.

    A custom order really is just that, If you know just what you would like, I am fine to work on that by example or explanation or tweaks to one of these profiles.
    But as a starting point I have singled out a few of my favorite profiles I have worked on rather than having a different choice for each type of knife. I have added a couple of new ones, a parer and my Petty/suji profile which I think has proven itself in the kitchen.

    This is a 300mm Suji Profile

    240mm Gyuto

    220mm Funayuki - esc profile

    210mm Petty Suji

    180mm Petty

    100mm Parer

    I would love to hear any thoughts on this, As I say increases will be minimal at this time and with plenty of warning. Also your thoughts on the more straight forward range of profiles I have selected as a starting point.

    Many thanks

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    I think it's only sensible to start charging by the cm. It will make it easier to more accurately price each piece which will work better for you and the customer. I would give the price for basic models and then show examples and prices for some of your upgrades. Show a photo as an example of your work. For example, show photographs of the knives to explain your profiles. Show photos to explain your different damascus or what san mai is. I think this will have more effect than drawings. Opening up an account with Burlsource is pretty obvious for the reasons stated. Perhaps creating a page to show off available woods that you have available would be an idea. Not everyone will want to buy from another source than you.

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