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Thread: Pimp my Knife 2: Hiromoto

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    Pimp my Knife 2: Hiromoto

    So i decided to get rid of some fat on the standard 240 chefs knife from Hiro.

    Heres the result, i dont know how much weight is lost, but jesus, its not even half as good when it comes new.

    The bevel set is to make the profile like honesuki-gyuto, i want to take some belly out of it, it was made just by 1k king and Ohira.


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    Whoooh, that's shiny! How far did you go with polishing the body?

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    DMT 325-King1k-sanding paper 180-400-600-80-1000-1200-1600-2000 and felt with polishing powder

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    Is that the AS? I bet the contrast between the patina and polish would look great

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    SWEET. That sounds like an awesome makeover. Must have been quite a bit of work! Nice job.

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    Nice work ... and fun too I guess

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    yes this is AS, and yes, labour intensive. I was working on it three weeks, maybe 20 hours altogether.

    but was worth it

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