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    I used it once when we had a chef come in for his showcase menu. Glued slices of pork loin and belly together. Does not affect the taste. It's something like geletin imo

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    Meat glue? Anybody use them?

    Saw an interesting video on meat glue (transglutaminase). What do you guys think of meat glue? Use them? Would you guys eat a steak that was glued together?

    I read in a cookbook, this one chef would take some of the fat trimmings from a dry-aged ribeye or ny steak and meat glue them to a hanger steak. So when cooked, it gives this very tasty steak that was being basted by the fat.

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    Yes. Saw that report a few weeks ago. Big crock of s**t sensationalism and yellow journalism. People who are responsible for this kind of garbage reporting are scum and should be rousted and ridiculed by their peers who are doing real reporting.
    I have "glued" and eaten tons of "glued" meat. I have plenty to say on the subject but no time now..... Go read the recent post http://www.cookingissues.com, they pretty much hit the nail on the head I think.

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    Whoops! Thanks for moving my post. Didn't realize there was already a thread on this. I'll search it before I start a new post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rockbox View Post
    Have any of you guys used this stuff? I have to say it totally intrigues me and scares me at the same time. I want to try the stuff out but I'm not sure how I would feel if a restaurant fed me meat that was glued together. Does anyone want to send me a few ounce so I don't have spend a 100 bucks just to satisfy my curiosity?
    If no one here has a small quantity to sell you check here http://www.cookingissues.com/forums/...d73eb36ac57ed9

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    Quote Originally Posted by BraisedorStewed View Post
    If no one here has a small quantity to sell you check here http://www.cookingissues.com/forums/...d73eb36ac57ed9
    Holy crap that blog is amazing.

    Any friend of Harold McGee's is a role model of mine.

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    activia. I stick steaks together with this stuff for fun. I wouldnt serve dismembered steaks stuck together to a paying customer though.
    "A recipe has no soul. You as the cook must bring soul to the recipe." -Thomas Keller

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    Ive used it to make chicken sausage, gluing together pig fat backs and curing them, a few random things here and there..

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    Can do some really interesting things with meat glue such as binderless pates, novel textural effects and best of all bacon wraps that does not fall off when you fry them...

    Rabbit hind legs wrapped in prosciutto secured with MG, vac pack then let bind for 4 hours, sous vide for an hour and half @64c then let cool. Pan fry to crisp.

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    We use it often in the restaurant I work in, from gluing fish to steak to basically it bonds any protein together. With fish it's kind of rough, it produces a thick membrane in the middle that doesn't allow the fish to cook properly, but for meat it's money. We bone out the thigh of a rabbit leg and stuff it then glue it shut and cook it sous vied. we also debone a lamb leg seam and separate it all out and then glue it together to make one big steak out of the super flavorful leg.

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