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Thread: Meat glue

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    Meat glue

    Here is an Australian expose on the misuse of meat glue to defraud the public.

    I know there are many positive uses for this product what do you use it for?

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    Outrageous! Please tell me that the USDA bans this crap.
    Doug Collins
    Hermosa Beach, California

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    I am wondering if I buy vac packs from places like Restaurant Depot, will I get glued together meats. If they have USDA stamp on the pack, should I be OK?

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    Wylie Dufresne is a big fan of the creative use of transglutaminase:

    I always assumed this or a similar product is used to make deli meats like turkey into blocks suitable for slicing.

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    Seems FDA is ok with TG, I am assuming it has to be stated on the labeling. Here's a link to a give people an idea how it is used commercially. Part of the reason I try to purchase my meats straight from local farms or stores that source from them, serves the purpose of eliminating this type of stuff and supports the local economy.

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    Using it for creative culinary purposes is fine. Using it for deceiving unsuspecting consumers into purchasing a chopped up reformed piece of meat at premium prices is not.
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    This thread is the most disturbing and sick thing I've read on any kitchen forum.

    Damn I need to check if this is allowed locally

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    I am not surprised by this at all.

    With the state of food in America(and most of the world, but especially America) today, if you didn't kill it, you can't expect it to be what it says it is.

    I work in an institutional environment and we have a supplier hawking TVP Beef and "brine injected" chicken(they are so plumped with water that if you speed thaw them, they are about 1/2 size), and ball tips so big they take up my entire cutting board, proudly advertising that they rectally electrocute the cattle to tenderize the beef and "add aged flavor".

    You may think "Well, that should kill people!" It can, and it does. I've sold ciggarettes, gasoline, beer, industrial lawn chemicals, and the like, but here in this cafeteria I feel like I am working to change a place designed to kill people.


    Support local business.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johndoughy View Post
    ....proudly advertising that they rectally electrocute the cattle to tenderize the beef and "add aged flavor"

    I KNOW I didn't just read that....if I did I would have to self-implode on myself and I can't do that today.

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